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Have you ever been sick and missed work? We all have. Income Protection can provide the needed cash when you are too sick or hurt to work.

What if your last paycheck was your LAST paycheck?!?. Income Protection is a type of insurance called “disability insurance” that pays you when you do not have the ability you need in order to perform your occupation. In a sense, Income Protection protects your ability. Your ability to earn and income. Your ability to earn IS by far your most valuable asset. More valuable than a car or a house or any jewelry you own. Why? Because your ability to earn is the foundation that a car, a house and anything else you purchase rests on.

You protect your houses and your cars with insurance, even your pets and your electronics, but are you doing enough to protect your most important resource: your own talents and abilities? Few people realize how completely an accident or illness can derail their dreams, goals and bright future. Even fewer are prepared.

Your ability to earn makes your life possible

You don't think it will happen to you.

Over 3 million people reported an injury or illness that prevented them from doing their job in 2013. It is important to remember that nobody believes bad things can happen to them. Until it does.

There are literally thousands of stories of people who were fortunate to consider protecting against the possibility they would be among those who life throws a curve ball.

Reasons To Consider Short Term Income Protection

  • Protects you if you can't work due to a covered injury or illness
  • If you cannot afford normal living expenses without your current job
  • You only need short term protection, or want to minimize cost

Product Information

  • A simple qualification process
  • Benefit amount of up to $5,000 per month
  • Ages 18 to 61
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Reasons To Consider Instant Issue Income Protection

  • Provides a longer term protection if you can’t work due to a covered injury or sickness. Includes benefit periods all the way to normal retirement age
  • Want to protect your assets/estate

Product Information

  • Immediate decision
  • Monthly benefit from $500 to $5,000
  • Issue Ages 18 to 60
  • Guaranteed Renewable to Age 67
Instant Issue Protection

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Some Basic Information About Income Protection

Many people consider a home or a car to be their most valuable asset but the ability to earn an income is often overlooked as the most important asset in need of protection.

We live in an amazing time where medical advancements allow people to survive catastrophic illness and accidents. Survival: That is the good news. Survival: That is also the bad news. While deaths are down over 70% due to hypertension - many folks who survive are unable to work to their formal potential, which means they cannot maintain an independent lifestyle. Independence, freedom, and control - these ideals require just a bit more planning. The good news is that we have made planning SIMPLE.